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Posted by The Vault on June 22, 2020
Renting a house in Dubai

8 tips to help you rent your next home in Dubai.

Are you new to Dubai or looking at moving house soon? We, at ‘The Vault Real Estate’, have some useful tips for you to keep in mind while finalizing leasing a property in Dubai:


Learn about the neighbourhood.

Location, location, location! it’s all about the location! The first quick win would be to finalise the neighbourhood/locality that you would like to consider moving to. And there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. It all depends on your situation and preferences. We have several clients who prefer apartments in areas like Dubai Marina and JLT as their bachelor pads. When it comes to families with children, proximity to schools as well as a ‘community feeling’ are top factors that influence this decision.


Check if you'll get 100% privacy.

Most property listings will include the view that a property faces, like garden view, pool view, community view, sea view, etc. Properties with a community view may offer less privacy than others. It is best to view the property and evaluate for yourself if it works for you.


Find out if there will be rent increases.

It would be prudent to understand how the trends of rental prices in the last few years in the location that you are considering. While rental prices in Dubai have plummeted in the last few years, and more so during this Covid-19 era, it is advisable to understand whether there may be an increase in the lease value of the property, so you can decide for the next few years. Remember, the cost of moving is noteworthy, therefore, you might want to look at rental cost trends so you can make an informed decision. You might also want to take into consideration the cost of utilities (DEWA) housing. This cost will be a part of your monthly utilities DEWA bill and is currently 5% of the total annual rental cost billed over 12 months.


Make sure you get all the amenities that you need.

Most communities and localities offer attractive facilities and amenities for its residents. These include proximity to malls, sports facilities, gyms, pools, grocery shops, restaurants, etc. Besides scanning the area to evaluate how closely the amenities offered to you align with your lifestyle or preference, you may also want to look at delivery coverage of your favourite online grocery/restaurant apps.


Gauge the trustworthiness of the landlord.

While interacting with the landlord, always trust your sixth sense. We, at ‘The Vault’ carry out our business with the highest level of integrity and we partner only with landlords who are trustworthy and reliable.


Check if there is a release clause.

Housing contracts may seem long and uninteresting, especially when you can’t wait to move into your new rented house. Most current contracts detail a three month notice period for renewal and a two-month rent penalty if you need to break the contract before the completion date.


Find out who is responsible for maintenance.

In regards to maintenance cost, most contracts that we have seen lately include a cap of maintenance costs, let’s say AED 500. So any maintenance cost below the capped amount will be borne by the tenant. Take into consideration the age of the property since older properties require more TLC than newer ones. It would also be advisable to scan through social media groups of the locality to understand maintenance costs, issues, etc. In some neighbourhoods, where the whole building or community is owned or managed by a real estate developer or company, free maintenance may also be included in the contract.


Read the agreement thoroughly before signing.

This goes without saying. We recommend, that you read through the contract in detail. Remember, that the contract will be the reference point for any appeals or disputes in the court of law, so read through it and discuss clauses in detail with your landlord.

When you partner with us, our agents will ensure that you are aware of and in agreement with the contract, especially for clauses related to maintenance, early release of the contract, etc.

We assure you that when you partner with us to find your perfect leased home in Dubai, we ensure that you can make a well-informed decision. There will be no ‘unpleasant surprises’; it’s long-lasting and trusted relationships that we, at ‘The Vault’ are known for!

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